We have a passion for creating customized digital solutions for institutions of all shapes and sizes.

By providing high quality content creation and curation services across various mediums, Lineup is able to strategically position your organization as a key influencer and respected thought leader in your industry.

Whether you are trying to create more meaningful engagement with your social community, share subject matter expertise through blogging, or dazzle your target audience with witty web copy and powerful storytelling, we've got you covered.






Gone are the days when consumers simply purchased a product or booked a service because it looked pretty or seemingly suited their lifestyle. Consumers expect more from brands. They want to know who you are, what you believe in, where you hang out, and what your interests are.
They want to be your friend.

Meet the Founder

Maura E. McGill

Ever since my parents read me Goodnight Moon as a kid, I was completely transfixed by the art of storytelling. There was something so simple, yet so universal about that story. We are all under that moon, every single one of us. I remember finding so much comfort in that, yet being full of curiosity about this great, big world that I had just barely met. At the end of the day, it is a uniquely human experience we all crave. I love the camaraderie in that.
For the past 15 years, I've created compelling content for thoughtful audiences through various mediums. From film and photography to policy analysis and data science, my mission has been to bridge the gap between the creative and the analytical to create meaningful stories that drive results. I believe brands have an opportunity to truly engage with their audiences in a sincere way while achieving growth. I've worked with brands big and small, including: Disney, Unilever, Visa, Fox, E!, Method, Sierra Club, Louis Vuitton, Gilead Sciences, Terrorbird Media, Design Language, Inked Magazine, and Nylon Japan.





meet our mascot


Harpo serves as a constant reminder that loyalty, trust and uniqueness are paramount. While he hasn't mastered the art of the written word, he provides endless visual content, free of charge. Our little guy was recently featured in The New York Times.