From casual blogging to a carefully curated Pin, the ways in which brands communicate have far surpassed traditional advertising measures. Our content audits offer a deep dive assessment of your current digital efforts and are helpful tools in crafting a successful strategy for the future.



Every brand is different and their content strategies should be treated as such. Customization and personalized attention is the hallmark of Lineup's content strategy practice. Our goal is to get inside your head and figure out how to make you a publishing powerhouse.



What's the difference between SEO and paid search? Should you spend money on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn Ads? What should your ads say? The world of digital marketing can be overwhelming. We're here to help you sort it all out. From carefully crafted ad copy and title tags to A/B testing and Google Analytics, we'll make sure you're spending the right amount of money in the right places so your business can achieve the ROI it deserves.



We offer coaching services to small businesses, startups, and emerging brands who want to learn the ins and outs of  successful marketing strategies and walk away with the technical skills to make their business succeed. Sessions can cover topics as specific as how to use instagram for your business to broader topics like building editorial teams.

We'll have your team high-fiving in no time. 




We'll work with you to figure out which social media channels you should spend your time on, how often you should post, key influencers you should engage with, key performance indicators you should measure and what your overall content should look like.



Already have your social channels set up, but don't have time to post, or feel overwhelmed by all of it? Let us handle it for you. By including social media community management as part of your overall content marketing strategy, you can engage with customers in various levels of the digital sphere.